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Scale tackles two major problems our society is facing today.

On one hand, the tremendous waste production of our economy, the mindless use of natural resources which continues to impoverish our environment and threaten entire ecosystems; and the lack of long term sustainable mindsets to value these countless and important resources. 

On the other hand, we want to protect the environment against the consequences of this waste production and the danger it represents for our planet and ultimately ourselves. It is most visible in our oceans, which are littered with over 8M tons of plastic wastes every year, poisoning countless marine species to the brink of extinction.

With SCALE, we want to bring material solutions to the pollution of the environment through mindful use of waste resources.

01 Aug 2007, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt --- Fish swim near a plastic bag along a coral reef off the coast of the Red Sea resort town of Naama Bay. Egypt's Red Sea coast is a popular vacation destination and water sports such as snorkling and diving burden the delicate underwater environment. Debris such as plastic bags which take 10 to 20 years to degrade and the heavy commercial traffic are contributing to the degradation of the underwater environment of what is considered one of the most diverse underwater tropical paradises. --- Image by © Mike Nelson  /epa/Corbis

Fish scales have outstanding mechanical properties.

They are literally the fish’s body armor.
Fish scales owe their great strength to a natural biopolymer present in most living organism: collagen.

Together with various minerals this collagen is organized into a fine network of very strong fibers much like a composite.

That’s what gives fish scales their amazing strength. 

A new generation of materials.

We started up SCALE to come up with a new generation of materials. 

  • Materials our children wouldn’t  have to deal with, in 70 odd years,
  • Materials animals of the sea wouldn’t have to suffer from,
  • Materials that would generate wealth were there is little resource.

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