SCALITE©, a material 100% made with ocean friendly raw materials

SCALITE© is a bio-sourced material made exclusively with fish scales, an undervaluaed coproduct of the sea. Issued from an abundant raw material, SCALITE© can be produced anywhere in the world.

SCALITE© presents several major benefits :

  • Cradle to cradle (C2C)

We create new circular economy cycles in the fishing industry

  • Recyclable

The recyclable aspect is a major asset of our solution.  

  • Reduce global plastic footprint 

With every kilo of our material it is potentially a kilo of waste taken out of our seas.

  • Mindful production methods

Our manufacturing process has low energy and water consumption and use no harmful chemicals.


100% bio-degradable.

SCALITE©, natural material can degrade in the environment.


SCALITE© can be simply moulded with no additive.

Energy efficient

SCALITE© production is a low energy process.


SCALITE© can be machined with standard processes as milling, mechanical polishing using wood’s traditional tools.

For the very first time, a waste of the fishing industry is transformed into a material.

SCALITE© is made entirely from fish scales, a by-product of the fishing industry, abundant, renewable but scarcely valued.

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